Matt Bellamy in NME cool list wtf

Thanks to the guy on the official muse board for this!

Matt Bellamy, Muse, The Weird Guy With The Planet Sized Lungs!

This time last year there was no freaking way Matt Bellamy would have made the cool list. Prog rock pygmy Matt? Bach-Loving Bellamy? The Muse Monkey? Not on our watch. But over an eventful past 12 months (most memorably uniting goths 'n' rockers alike, festival after festival), he's revealed that shockingly, he was right all along. In the face of bands who looked like they share the same wardrobes (suit jackets, ripped jeans, high-top Converse) and record collections (Television, The Clash, Gang of Four), Bellamy seems like he's from one of those other planets hes regularly gabs about. He personifies that key tenet of cool- not being afraid to strike out on your own, not giving a fuck when other people say you look like a freak because of it. After all, it won't be long before they come round to your way of thinking.

Bit odd really... What about the music?!