Marlay Park Update

Bekbee, a member of this site, emailed Irish radio station Phantom FM asking them to confirm last week's announcement that Muse will be playing Marlay Park. They replied:

Apparently they did say that they would be performing in Ireland but the venue remains a mystery.

Stay tuned to Phantom 105.2 as we will have the announcement and an exclusive interview with Muse ... soon! tell all your friends!

Keep your ears open, Musers!


The unabridged version of Matt's interview on Virgin Radio the other night has been put online, in which he says:

Matt B
"We basically just put in a few concerts: we doing one in Dubai for some reason, we're doing a couple in South Africa, South America, and we might be doing one in Dublin and Belfast, as well. But we're not really touring this year, we're just doing sort of the odd gig here and there and I think that hopefully, one of the things we're gonna try and do is probably play a couple of new songs live, before we record them."