Marlay Park Dublin Concert


For those of you who witnessed last night's awesome gig, and for those of you who were unable to, the intro to Knights of Cydonia was from a soundtrack by Ennio Morricone. Once Upon a Time in The West - Man With The Harmonica

The stage is set for Muse to headline at Marley Park this evening and MuseLive have two budding reporters to give you all some 'almost' live updates of what is happening throughout this evening: More info will be added as its received.

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Commentary from Tom

"Kasabian are playing soon! Black & Gold is playing on the video screens as we're waiting! Wembley style stage setup with Satellites, a mysterious veil is covering most of the stage at the moment"

"Kasabian are now on stage and the crowd is going mad."

"Kasabian are now playing new track 'on fire'. Crowd are going even more mad. The volume has suddenly been ramped up. Very Loud! If the crowd are going this mad for Kasabian it's going to be a great one for Muse".

"They have their own trumpet man. 'Chant's of Gary', another new song... I think. Gary the trumpet man is epic!! Muse beware!"

"We've got our backs to the wall!, ending set on 'LSF'... Cancel that! Another new one? 'Fast Fuse'".

"Set finished! A bliss balloon has escaped!"

"Mysterious veil is being very slowly taken down. Two giant satellites are behind and some new gadgets! Not sure what they do yet though. Lots of techies on stage. Ooooh!" Another mysterious veil at the back. Looks like the satellites will have images projected onto them".

"Looks like aerial people might be making a comeback! Either that or they are hiding massive balloons by the side of the stage!"

"Muse have started. Opening with Justice, Genesis"

"Deadstar with lasers!"

"Space Dementia!!"

"Drum n Bass & Invincible"

"Possible new riff & Bliss"

"Might be last song before encore. Long acoustic riff and Time Is Running Out"

"New riff again, Matt going crazy on guitar leading into Stockholm Syndrome"

"Take A Bow with an awesome laser show! and now starlight"

"Encore again with weird sirens. Chris is on the harmonica with a cover of a famous Morricone track and now Knights of Cydonia."

01. Intro
02. Map Of The Problematique
03. Supermassive Black Hole
04. Dead Star (with lasers)
05. New Born
06. Hysteria
07. Butterflies & Hurricanes
08. Feeling Good
09. Space Dementia
10. Drum n Bass
11. Invincible
12. Bliss
13. Time Is Running Out
14. Stockholm Syndrome
15. Take A Bow (with lasers)
16. Starlight
17. Plug In Baby (with balloons)
18. Knights Of Cydonia


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