Manic Depression

Thanks to Phil Singleton for this (BeMUSEd)

MUSE Manic Depression

As we all know, this a new UNofficial DVD and IS also produced by Focal Point Television as i have been sent a free copy for being in it with my tribute band, in no way does it exploit Muse.

This DVD is much like a visual version of those maximum CD's as it lacks research at some points e.g. they call the 2nd album Origins Of Symmetry and not Origin Of Symmetry. There is no footage of Muse playing or any of Muse's audio, however there is quite a bit of Muse being interviewed, some old (shabby acoustic interview in france), some more recent (brits last year, Q awards last year), nothing revealing but nice to see if you are a fanatic like me. The DVD is mostly made up of various people talking about how great muse are, these people include:

A writer for Kerrang and fan of the band
One of Muse's old guitar tech's
A fan of Muse who writes for a local paper down in Devon
Me and my tribute band, beMUSEd (get it?)
and a few more people i cant remember but you get the idea

The music for the documentary is by a range of unsigned bands, all of which i must say is very good

7/10 Worth a watch, after all it is only a tener or something

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by Phil Singleton (Mattman/Matt's Half Brother) roll on next album