Manchester Bootleg

Thanks very much to Agitated who has kindly uploaded the Manchester Bootleg for us. I have had at least 100 requests for this bootleg and im slightly worried about the bandwidth it will take up.

I have put it up in the "Live/Rare Media" section, just scroll down until you find it. If i find that it's taking up too much bandwidth then i will limit it by passwording it and giving access only to those who directly ask me for it!

Direct Link To Manchester '03 Bootleg

Enjoy :)

P.S. - Please wait a few minutes until it has been uploaded totally and added to the database.

P.P.S. I am FULLY aware that not many downlaods work in the Media section so please dont bug me about this - its being sorted out at the moment.


EDIT :: Please, dont send me any emails telling me the gig isnt working. Apparently my account has been suspended by pc-craft (the big host which my host resells for) for containing "copyrighted music"... which, it isnt. So im working on sorting this out. Sorry about the problems, it should be working later.