London Bombings

At about 8:45 today at least 4 bombs were detonated in central london. At least 3 people are confirmed to be dead, and many more injured. However it is quickly becoming clear that the numbers affected are not as huge as in the Madrid bombs or 9/11.

Tony Blair has made two statements, the second with the world leaders from G8 by his side, in a very dramatic pose, stating that there is no way we will let these people get away with such terrible acts.

Any trains going into London have been turned around, I have a friend who was going to london who said the following:

"FW: Msg: Bombs have gone off in london! Im on the fucking train there now! F**k!" at 10:16

"I was steaming into kings cross. Twenty minutes out they turned my train around. One earlier train and i would have been on the london underground when the bombs went." at about 1:00

I am sure that the thoughts of everyone on muselive are with anyone unfortunate enough to be caught up in the events today in central London."

Thanks to dagriggster for this.

There is a news feed here.