Live 8 Downloads

Live 8 Downloads are finally online, sorry for the delay and any problems, wanted them all in one place, hopefully sorted now:D.

Click HERE!

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Any problems, report them to me via PM - .


EDIT - Common Probs -

Seems to be buffering for a long time - it will buffer eventually, this is just because it they are big files, bare with it.

Page Cannot Be Found - this is simply because we are having sooooo many connections to our server, just go back and click again and it should work. This is to be expected.

FURTHER EDIT - Manual Links Added For Videos!

Lots of problems were reported so manual links have been added, these links must not be given to other sites or people, if hotlinking occurs files will be removed.

Please feel free to download the files and upload them to your own site, just dont hotlink to us!

Thanks to plugged, psycho and dukelion for these downloads!


There may still be download speed/connection issues this is purely due to the server load.