Listen to The Resistance

If our first fan review (see ) of the band's new album has whet your appetite to hear the record before its release on Monday, you're in luck... Starting on Thursday this week you'll be able to hear the full album streaming online.

First up on Thursday 10th September, the album will exclusively be available to hear on The Guardian's website in the UK -, plus the following websites worldwide:

USA - Myspace
Argentina - MSN Argentina
Australia - Triple J
Austria - FM4
Belgium - De Standaard or Focus
Canada - Much Music
Czech Republic - Radio 1 or Bandzone or Musicserver
Denmark - DRP3
France - Deezer
Germany - Laut
Ireland - MCD
Italy - DeeJay
Japan - Noize
Latvia - Diena
The Netherlands - NU
New Zealand - Stuff
Norway - Platekompaniet
South Africa - 5FM
Spain - 20 Minutos
Sweden - Spotify

Then, from Friday 11th, you'll also be able to hear the album here on (for members) and on the band's Facebook page with iLike

And if you just can't wait until Thursday then stay tuned to and radio stations worldwide who'll have some exclusive tracks to play and stream this week before the full album is available!