Lethal Bizzle on Muse's Download Performance: Finish Your Set

Gigwise has uploaded an interview with Lethal Bizzle in the runup to his hew album, "Fester Skank". He talks about his experience at Download festival and offers a few words of wisdom to Muse.

"...He also has a few words of advice for Muse who are playing this summer if the crowd does turn hostile. "Don't walk off the stage. Finish your set. Don't let them torment you to make you feel that you have to finish early.... And maybe take some of my tactics: maybe do some reverse psychology and tell them 'Muse is shit' or something. Feed into [the crowd's] ego - and hopefully halfway through you can switch it back round and make them appreciate the talent that [Muse] are. Good luck with that mate!"

Watch the full interview below: