Late News

Yeah, I know this is late but its looking pretty much 100% sure that a DVD is going to be made with footage from (hopefully) both nights of the Earls Court's Gigs.

You may recall a few weeks ago we interviewed Tom Kirk and asked him if there were any plans for a DVD to which he replied:

"I am always pushing for a dvd. hullabaloo would of course be hard to beat, and it takes a hell of a lot of planning and more importantly convincing record labels that its a good idea. but yes, i am hoping that sometime next year there will be something. we have so much footage from around the world it might be cool to get a absolution world tour dvd together."

Also some gossip from one of our members, Londoner:

Hey!! I went to BOTH nights, and the 19th, when we were waiting in a basement (to not be so cold, courtesy of "showsec´s" manager) we were filmed by 2 cameraman with huge proff. cameras. They encouraged people to say things about Muse, then we asked the purpose, and they told us it was going to be filmed for a DVD.

Yay! You can imagine the next thing. We went all crazy with the news, screaming of joy. A new DVD!! And yes, Chris had a micro camera attached to his bass, Matt in his space piano, I saw a pair of more little things attached to some pieces of the stage, and one cameraman per each member of the band for the whole gig, following them everywhere. 3 persons onstage all the time plus Muse. Oh, and 2 more cameramen behing the security guys, in front of the first row, filming as well.

If you have any other "evidence", post it in the comments bit :)