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We still need more downloads people! Get cracking - promote promote promote - and buy buy buy ;)

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Members of and other fansites are trying to get Citizen Erased, possibly one of Muse's greatest tracks, into the charts.

This is possible by paying for digital singles on sites such as HMVDigital, iTunes and 7Digital. We recommend iTunes.

Download Links (Downloading can start NOW up until Sunday!)

HMV Digital
7digital * Accepts Paypal ** Also counts for foreign downloads!

Remember just to download Citizen Erased :)
If you have any ideas or feel like helping out, send me a PM ()

Bear in mind though, for a single to enter the top 40, 4,000-5,000 singles must be purchased.

The track has reached 3rd 1st position on 7Digital's "Top Tracks" - please keep downloading people :) - A download a day keeps the gremlins away! Also, we'd love some more publicity - so feel free to e-mail DJs, newspapers or post it on your blog / friends' blogs. Also, any other forums you might visit :). Keep downloading people, iTunes are feeling left out - CE only makes an appearence in the alternative charts so far.

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