Klaxons Said No Meant Yes

The Klaxons have revealed they're kicking themselves after drunkenly turning down an offer to support Muse at Wembley. Muse are massive fans of the Klaxons and offered the support slot to the Klaxons after being impressed by the lads live...

"It was the drummer who asked us," Klaxons singer and bassist Jamie Reynolds told us. "It was quite a drunken night down the pub and I just said, 'Nah'. I don't know why, I didn't mean it!

"I have watched them from when they first started. I first saw them at Glastonbury and for them to say that (about one of our live shows) is a massive complement."

Singer James added, "(He) got the chance to open up Wembley stadium. Offically the first ever gig at Wembley and Jamie turned it down!"

"We haven’t turned it down officially and we're trying to sort it out," a sheepish Jamie said. "Please! We would love to play!"

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We wait in hope.... :)