Kerrang Review New York Webster Hall

Thanks to Kia from the official forums for this!

Muse - Webster Hall, New York 09.11.04. KKKK

If you're still puzzled as to why Muse aren't as huge in America as they are everywhere else in the world (only a sixth of 'Absolution's 1.7 million sales were American), then all you have to do is take one look at the audience assembled here tonight: this is New York City, remember, and these are people with hairstyles - not your average Americans by any stretch of the imagination. Fancy videos, big tours and critical appraisal are all very well in the USA, but when it comes to the Herculean task of actually breaking America, radio is where it's at. And the people who listen to the radio across the endless expanses of bush-loving middle America are not the carefully-coiffed, beard-stroking guys and dolled-up gals standing here tonight.
As expected, red-shirted Bellamy and (essential, underrated) sidekicks Wolstenholme and Howard are on top form tonight. 'Hysteria', with it's Queen-referencing refrain, 'Plug-In Baby', and it's warbling tremolos, the anthemic stomp of 'Time is Running Out'. It's all delivered with icy, magnificent aplomb, revealing a band at the height of their creative powers and technical prowess. It must be said that Muse do have a tendency to get lost inside some of their more operatic extravagancies, none of this is without it's rewards.