Kerrang Review Absolution Tour

The Absolution Tour DVD was reviewed in Kerrang! today on a one-page spread. On the top 10 list of DVDs to buy for Christmas, Absolution Tour came number 1.

If anyone has this review, please could you scan it in for us - there might even be a wowwypop in it for you :wink

Thanks to ADAM from the official forums for this writeup:


If the sight of Muse playing to over 60,000 mud-caked fans from Glastonbury's legendary Pyramid stage doesn't send shivers down your spine, the poingnance and beauty of that same crowd singing along to 'Absolution' will. But Muse's 2004 headlining appearance at the UK's largest festival wasn't just an all-time high for the band. Tragedy struck when drummer Dominic Howard's father died of a heart attack backstage just as the band were finishing their set. Like the music itself it's that simultaneous sense of euphoria and melancholy that gives this DVD's main feature its immensity. And with wall-rattling excerpts from their 2004 appearances at Earls Court, Los Angeles' Wiltern theatre, Wembley Arena and Cincinatti's tint Top Cats club, it's clear that Devon;s finest exports don't just make brilliant music - they know how to fucking play it.

Pic 1: Promo pic of the guys standing against red wall. Caption: Absolutly positively
Pic 2: Matt doing newborn (i think) on glastonbury stage

There is also a full pag advert on page 9 promoting the dvd.