Kerrang 100 Greatest Gigs Of All Time

Muse coming in at 91 for '100 club, London, July 8, 1999'

Initially dismissed by lazy journalists as Radiohead wannabes, Muse didn't have it easy in the years around the release of 'Showbiz'. But it was gigs like this, in a swelteringly hot 100 Club (pretty much beneath London's Oxford Street) that helped them win the world over. Matt Bellamy was yet to develop his beserker stage presence (that would come when they toured with the Red Hot Chili Peppers) and stayed rooted to the spot for much of the set. Bu thte ultra-heavy riffs that dealt a blow to accusations of them being a 'limp-wristed indie band' were already shining though. Truly mesmerising

also coming in at 56 for there glastonbury performace

A night of triumph and tragedy as the bombastic British trio put on the performance of their lives at the highest profile gig of their career. They headlined the Pyramid Stage with mesmerising majesty, treating thousands to their anthemic and extravagant rock - with many proclaiming it the most spectacular set of the festival - but just hours after they stepped offstage drummer Dom Howard's father died on site from a heart attack. Subsequent gigis were cancelled but they bravely decided to soldier on through the festival circuit weeks later, resulting in some of the most trying and emotionally extreme times the band had ever encountered

and at 16 for there performance at Reading Festival 2002

"I'd seen Muse a few times before and absolutly loved them, so was really looking forward to seeing them at a festival. Unfortunatly, before Muse started, it started to rain and all my friends started to get a bit down. But I thought the rain made even more of an impact on Muse's amazing performance, and made for an incredible memory. Matt Bellamy has great stage presence, and manages to work an audience purely by the music he creates. It really was an amazing set, and the pyrotechnics were wicked. made my weekend."

Denise Barker, Dorset

The winner of the top 100 greatest gigs was given to Greenday for there set at Milton Keynes