Joseph Kahn Knights of Cydonia Interview

Joseph Kahn, the director of the Knights of Cydonia and Muscle Museum videos, has given an interview to about the process of making the video.

Music Video Wire
Joseph Kahn’s name is synonymous with music video. Over the years he has been one of the few directors that have the ability to make a video with commercial sensibilities, but at the same time leave his creative mark.

The Muse “Knights of Cydonia” is one of the rare music videos (from the Major’s) that has dared to take a chance and pushes the envelope on the tried and true music video formula.

“It’s a futuristic western with a dash of German porn and Kung Fu mixed in” – Joseph Kahn

Ever wondered about the long and restless journey a tortured music video director undertakes to make a video that's just perfect for a song? Well, wonder no more! The article describes the whole artistic and editing process, and lots of other anecdotal and interesting bits and bobs, plus plenty of Muse-lovin' from Mr. Kahn.

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