Its that time again - Sorry guys

Sorry to moan, I know you must hate all of this, we hate feeling cheap and asking for stuff from you.

We managed to pay our last 2 months server bills through private advertisers (like the one at the top of this site and the sponsor message you got in the newsletter). Anyway, we dont like having ads on our site so we're going to try a few new methods of raising some cash for the site.

You can either donate (by sending a paypal payment to

We've got a fair amount of space/bandwidth left on our server - so if you want to host your own Muse site / forum / anything you can get some hosting from us here - This would really be appreciated!

Just some general information about how much its costing us to keep this site up:

We're using over 500GB bandwidth a month - thats a hell of a lot. We've using over 10GB storage space (that's also a lot) and on top of that we also have a virtual server elsewhere for backups.

All in all this is costing us around $120 a month. As I said before, we HATE begging but we dont have much choice.

We dont want to worry you, will NOT close down! No matter what!

Anyways, enough of that rant, if you have any ideas on how we can raise some money then please dont hesitate to give us a shout.

In other news (!) we now have the bootleg for the Earls Court (19th December) gig. Id like to say thanks to Sousous, and sorry for the misunderstandings. The copy we have on our site is the MP3 rip of it (converted from FLAC8 to MP3 (LAME).

This gig is available in our Media Downloads Centre

Cheers all :) Crew