Isle Of Wight Broadcasts

Just a note to say it looks as if Muse's set will will be broadcast on Virgin Radio tonight from whenever they're onstage until whenever they stop broadcasting.

Also, Channel 4 will be showing highlights of Muse's set between 12:20am and 2:00am and possibly some more highlights on Sunday night/Monday morning.

Taping/uploading please :).


What has been broadcast has been uploaded, thanks to sunburnt_atheist, to SYS.


Update 2

Turns out they have been broadcasting live tracks from 2004, so the above link is not the actual gig which has just finished. Muse are playing at Wembley Stadium soon, so the management are probably trying to build up some suspense before the gig! Too much airplay cheapens the music an'all.

Update 3

City of Delusion was just broadcast... I have no idea what's going on. But I am rather hungry...

Update 4

Ok ok... it wasn't broadcast - sorry for the confusion! CoD was heard in the background. Blame it on my state of mine... of being revising Quantum Mechanics for the better part of today :(