Invincible Review in the Guardian Midweek Chart Position

Musing about being Invincible is tempting fate
11 April 2007

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Each week, Rosie Swash buckles up her headphones and takes the latest singles for a test drive. Her verdict: Muse does not amuse, the Fall rises, and Gareth Gates... not even that rubbish, actually.

The one that backfires big time: Invincible, Muse

Ok, you're in a superband and you have a superpower and that superpower is invincibility. You can get away with anything because you're invincible, so you choose to take a daring and radical change in musical direction. Your progression from 90s-styled prog-rockers to a Depeche-Mode-meets-Pink-Floyd type is a hit! Natch: you are invincible, after all. Until you put out a song with the title Invincible, a song which contains exasperatingly tacky lyrics like: '"Follow through, make your dreams come true, don't give up the fight, you will be alright". And, suddenly, what previously sounded like knowing irony (as in the excellent Supermassive Black Hole) now feels like a referential nod to Queen too far. Add to that, about four minutes in, a soulless guitar solo that can only be described as wanky, and off that pedestal of invincibility you go a-toppling, Muse.

I thought this review was a bit harsh - it's not an especially strong single, but it works perfectly in the context of the album.

Muse were between 12 and 14 in the midweek charts (my detective skills lead me to believe they were lucky number 13 - I'll never regret hiring Mystic Meg). Well done guys!