Interview with Tom Kirk

Here is the interview with Tom Kirk which we conducted.
Thanks to Tom Kirk for this :wink

What happened to Matt's Black Manson - does he still have it?]

what happened was matt threw it into a dustcart in san diego and some redneck with fags tucked in his shirt jumped in and nicked it. matt has a deal with mansons and gets them sent to him.. custom made and personalised. watch the dvd to see what happened!

Do you have any information regarding any upcoming DVDs?

I am always pushing for a dvd. hullabaloo would of course be hard to beat, and it takes a hell of a lot of planning and more importantly convincing record labels that its a good idea. but yes, i am hoping that sometime next year there will be something. we have so much footage from around the world it might be cool to get a absolution world tour dvd together.

Are any new singles/tracks going to be performed/released shortly?

released no. performed yes. matts been busy writing a lot of material on the bus. they are soundchecking some cool tunes and i am pretty sure earls court will hear them in their full glory.

Is it hard managing such a great band?

it can be tiring. but like you say they are great so its a pleasure. i really enjoy the responsibilty and touring. i like meeting new people and getting to hear micro cuts now and again.

Any ideas for the next album's name?!

its not even written yet! the name of an album normally comes once the songs are there and you get a vibe of the deeper meaning of the whole package.

How long have you been part of the "Muse scene"?

ive been working with them for 4 and a half years.

Whats the most satisfying part of your job?

seeing my video and visuals complete and being seen on dvds or up on stage. getting the websites together. travelling to new countries. buying footwear in nashville. free drinks. touring with cool bands like the exit and millionaire. seeing beautiful girls across the world.

Have you met any famous people (other than Muse) through your job?

yes. the nicest was chris martin. the weirdest was tre from green day.

Funniest moment of the recent Muse tours?


Do you ever check Muse fansites (other than the official one) to see
what their fans are thinking?... Especially :| (cough!)

cough - but due to being ill. all the time. erm. now and again. i think its really important to see what fans are thinking. i normally check it on the muse message board, but i find that fans sites are actually nicer and more productive about the band than on our official one. whats that all about?

hope that helps tom. youve inspired me to get the bands questions sorted on the message board.

cheers, tom