Interview with Muse

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Rock mag : you are playing now in big places and area, do you miss the time you were playing in smaller places ?

Matt: sometimes yes...but we still play somtimes in smaller areas. At the beginning of the absolution tour, we played in little areas through europe and also during the usa tour. We played in little places (600-1500 persons). There is a great differance btw these areas and we are really lucky to be able to do both gigs.

RM: are you still trying to be more famous in the states?

Matt: we are trying, but that’s not our only target. And we didn’t make a tour for oos but we received a lot of posts of our forum from american fans who missed us a lot. We are not really famous there but we know that some pple like our music so we tried to play in some cities where we haven’t already played. And we are gonna come back at the end of the year.