Interview With Dom

Talks about the Sing For Absolution Video :)

"It's big. It's very big. We kind of went for that slightly epic nature.

"I guess it's a tale of the human race's self destructive nature. What's been going on in the world has made us think about those kind of things and how it's so easy to destroy your race and the planet so it kind of just stemmed from that really.

"It's set in a futuristic landscape, as you can see there's some kind of ice age encompassing this new planet so we fly off with a load of cryogenically frozen souls in an attempt to start a new race or a new life somewhere. In the process we go through a meteor storm, then through a wormhole and crashland on what looks like a completely deserted, desolate dead planet, which happens to be Earth. And it makes us think and go 'Oh right, so not only have we destroyed the planet we've just come from this is where our ancestors are from and we've wrecked this place as well.'

"Stanley Kubrick's an influence, definately - the reference with the drumstick floating around, that's a reference to the pen shot you see in '2001: A Space Odyssey'. We like Kubrick, he definately had an influence on the 'Time Is Running Out' video as well, that was loosely based on 'Dr Strangelove'. His box set is something we've been watching on tour, just amazing films really - '2001...' and 'The Shining' are two of my favourite films of all time.

"It was our idea but we kind of wrote it out very loosely - we did have another idea from the company that actually made the video and we presented them with this loose idea and they came back with this whole thing. It looks great, I think it's amazing animation. They've done it really well.

"They just filmed our heads basically, just our faces. We put these little masks on, little head pieces and we just kind of sat there in the studio with some lights around us to simulate the helmet lights and tried to react to meteor storms and flying the spaceship around. Everything else is is animated; all the helmets, all the hands and everything.

"It's quite impressive really, to do so little work and have such a great video come out."