Interview with Chris

A few weeks before the start of “The Resistance Tour”, bassist of Muse, Christopher Wolstenholme, reveals to the underside of the new album, “The Resistance” and details of the tour to come (first parts of U2 included) [Google Translated]. This new album was produced “at home”, it changed what?

Christopher Wolstenholme (Muse): We recorded in the studio that Matthew (Bellamy) has installed in his home in Italy near Lake Como. It was long time since we wanted our own studio. For recording the previous album, in the south of France, we were pressed for time. Result, it was eventually re-record most of the songs in New York. We had up to six versions of some titles and we did not know which to choose. this time we have worked with sequences of ten days, and then we went home for a week. This allowed us to keep a fresh look on the album progress. The fact that we work with produced also released. We have made the music at first, just for us.