Interview with Chris

The translation is slightly off, but nevertheless, worth the read!

LiveXS Pinkpop Magazine

Who saw Muse before at Pinkpop knows that frontman Matt Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenholme, and drummer Dominic Howard are able to deliver a stunning live performance. In the past years Muse has grown to a band that doesn't mind of giving away a hell of show.

When this article was written the threesome was just about to travel to Los Angeles where they were about to tour the west coast of the United States, before they would give a huge show in Mexico City. Sounds ambitious? Well, they are ambitious! A few weeks after Pinkpop they will play two gigs in a sold out Wembley Stadium in London. Big, bigger, biggest? We talk about it with Chris Wolstenholme. Has the band slowly grown to what it is now, or did you suddenly realise: wow, now we're really huge? Chris: "I can't name an precise moment. There were so many little things that contributed to the success of the band. After Absolution came out we knew that we had become quite big though. During the Origin of Symmetry tour we played in venue with a capacity of 5000, we only played bigger arena's since."

There are bands who belong in small venues, not in big arena's. Where does Muse fits best? Chris: "We can play both, actually. Sometimes we play in very random places and small venues in America, I like to do that. I'm pretty nervous when it comes to playing in Wembley. We've played to crowds of the same size at festivals, but the fact that everybody comes just for you makes it very special. ...