Interview in NZ

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Muse's Matt Bellamy offers VICKI ANDERSON a few revelations about conspiracy facts and life on Mars.

Get set for the best live gig of your life at the Westpac Arena on Sunday when UK new-prog rock supergroup Muse will surely send the stage into lift-off mode.

Muse -- Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard -- formed in Teignmouth, Devon, when they got together as 16-year-olds after their former bands combusted. All those years ago they left their plastering jobs and took a gamble on music. Fast forward to 2007 and, deservedly, they've just been voted the Best Live Act in 2007 by Q Magazine.

I'm expecting to talk to Wolstenholme so it's a real surprise when the big cheese of Muse, Bellamy, rocks onto the line. ...