Interview from German magazine VISIONS

In last month's German music magazine VISIONS I found a very interesting interview with Dom, Chris & Matt. I translated it from German to English and I hope you'll enjoy reading. Sorry for the mistakes but cou can keep them ;)

Planet Muse – Visions 08/06

People talk and write a lot about the new MUSE-Album „Black Holes And Revelations“ – especially about its innovations and changes. Fact: During the last four years since “Absolution” the three main characters have enormously developed: as musicians, characters and human beings. That’s what this story is about. One familiar interview with each of them: Drummer Dominic Howard, bassist Chris Wolstenholme and frontman Matthew Bellamy
were the basis. Their main statements are to speak on behalf of themselves. Three protagonists and their way with Muse, their roles, their interests and their relationships between each other.

Text: Sascha Krüger, Photos: Thomas Rabsch ...