A recently discovered listing on Celebration! Cinema reveals that Muse will be performing at Battersea Power Station on the 16th September, the day before The 2nd Law is released.

At an estimated 100 minutes running time, the gig is to be broadcast at cinemas across the country. We'll update you as soon as we hear more details.

Celebration! Cinema
NCM Fathom, Warner Music Group and Omniverse Vision are partnering to present Muse Live from London. The performance will launch Muse's 6th Studio album, The 2nd Law, and feature tracks from the new album as well as classics from their 16 year career. Broadcasting from one of London's most iconic landmarks, Battersea Power Station, the event will be a theatrical spectacle with dramatic flair that has made Muse so successful with fans - including a shoot with helicopters amid the full backdrop of the impressive London landscape.

by Tom

29 Jul 2012 18:09

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  • 09/07 16:27 by Mass Affect
    nope, still a long ways away
  • 08/07 23:09 by kingcools
    did i just hear new album next week? ty muse <3
  • 08/07 15:42 by willmuse
    Come on! Some Muse news, please!!!! :-)
  • 02/07 14:21 by meee
    songs like Madness are reason
  • 01/07 00:38 by bilcal7-1
    Muselive isn't as mad as it once was, yes, but I do believe this reflects a lack of Madness with the band, itself.
  • 29/06 22:57 by Mass Affect
    Yeah I don't see them ever playing it live.

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