Muse are set to do gigs at the O2 in London and Bercy in Paris in October according to a fan who met Dom and Chris today. According to @chrissygirl92, the shows will precede the release of the new album in November, and the band will be finished in the studio in the next ten days to two weeks. There will also be a single before the new album's release in November.


We've started hearing reports (from fans who've spoken to both Matt and Dom) that the album release date is likely to be mid-end September.

by Tom

24 Apr 2012 20:05

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  • 30/07 14:12 by bimmer
    hi guys
  • 30/07 02:42 by moriis
    hi guys!
  • 09/07 16:27 by Mass Affect
    nope, still a long ways away
  • 08/07 23:09 by kingcools
    did i just hear new album next week? ty muse <3
  • 08/07 15:42 by willmuse
    Come on! Some Muse news, please!!!! :-)
  • 02/07 14:21 by meee
    songs like Madness are reason

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