Here are the first impressions of The Resistance by Zane Lowe (Radio 1)

“We had fun in Lake Como. We went out there of course for some kind of future, Radio 1/Muse business that we can’t go into major detail (about). Muse fans all over the world from news forums, to messageboards, to Twitterers, to web designers, to anyone who’s into Muse is listening right now. You think I’m going to play a new song but that’s not going to happen. Or I’m going to give some 300 word review on the new record and that’s not going to happen either. I can’t really give you much, all I can tell you is that we’ve got some great information in the can and we’re going to put together, and we’re going to do something extra specially incredible and awesome around the release of the 4th coming new Muse album “The Resistance”. So much new stuff you won’t even be able to take it all in, it’s going to be amazing. But what I will say is that i went out and listened to the record in full twice, from start to finish in their studio in Lake Como which is an amazing spot, end of, and you are going to absolutely love it.”

“In my opinion I think Muse have made their most focused and complete record yet. You know, they’ve never ever made an album that hasn’t ever lived up to expectations at that point in time. And now without a doubt, one of the best bands Britain has ever given the rest of the world. But this time it just feels like every single component they’ve been building towards, seems to fit naturally and perfectly with one another. And from start to finish it feels like a journey, like a listen, like you know, as soon as you press play on the first second of it, you won’t stop until the end of it. You know there is the three-part symphony, the Exogenesis thing they’ve already talked about that. That is without a doubt, the most ambitious and incredible thing I think that Matt has ever applied himself along with the band, and it’s been fully realised.”

“You can imagine a few nerves amongst people, probably in the band, when they try to take something like that on, even though they’ve made album after album of greatness it’s not small feet to step into a studio and conduct something of that magnitude. But it finishes the album, and is apart of the album so perfectly that at the end of it you feel absolutely spent and emotional of what you’ve just listened to. There are huge riffs, some people on the Twitter have been saying “are there riffs, is it rocking!?” Yes, there are massive riffs in there, there are qwerky pop songs in there, there’s all sorts in there it’s absolutely incredible. The new Muse album is called “The Resistance” it is some wait, so it seems a little bit kind of torturous for us to tease you with all these pictures from Lake Como so upfront, but you’re going to try and have to be patient. Sink yourself into the back catalogue, get ready for the arena tour, many of you listening already have tickets for that and get ready for the return of your band because it absolutely is going to be worth the wait.”

“As far as information that we give you with regards to the first play the first single as soon as we get it, you’ll get it. And anything else involving Muse and this radio show on this radio station and this planet, as soon as we get it, you’ll get it. Thanks for listening.”

“I’m glad that went some towards appeasing some of the people who were just hanging around for anything to do with the new Muse record. There really wasn’t that much Twitter abuse either so thanks for the support. There were just a few people just beefing their frustrations, it’s a long wait you know.”

“All I can say is in my opinion they’ve written their best rock song on that record. In my opinion one of their best pop songs is on that record. It’s ambition and drive and all sorts of influences and creative stuff they’ve never tried before. And from start to finish, if you’re a Muse fan, your going to love it.”

by kevmasterplayer6

07 Jul 2009 09:49

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  • 19/09 23:15 by ewok
    Not only did he imply a CE2, but he also mentioned something about the album having more guitar solos.
    Or CE2 is actually Guiding Light.
  • 18/09 17:26 by KefkaticFanatic

    “@FromDesolation: @MattBellamy will you play Citizen Erased in the next tour?” yes, and it's sequel...

  • 17/09 20:48 by tsijben
    That seems fishy..
    He claims that 'The bad news is that it is AGAIN another "concept" album.'
    While all information points to the contrary.

    (Not that it would be bad news)
  • 16/09 14:37 by kipkolibri1
    wtf is this?
  • 31/08 20:50 by Mass Affect
    What video?
  • 26/08 23:10 by meee
    Redemption is great

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