In-depth Manson MB-1

Until now, Bellamy's collaborations with Manson have been strict one-offs, with a long-standing agreement between the two that the body shape of those instruments would not be replicated. But that's all about to change…

Mansons Guitar Shop in Exeter, UK, has - as previously mentioned - announced details of one of the most exciting production guitars in years: the Manson MB-1 Matthew Bellamy signature model. Easily the most technologically advanced signature guitar on the planet and based on Bellamy's own cracked mirror M1D1, the MB-1 features a sustainer circuit and an X/Y MIDI controller pad (like that on a Korg KAOSS pad) that can be mapped to control anything from a particular effect parameter to stage lighting.

When MusicRadar heard about this, we had to head down to Mansons to see for ourselves. You'll be pleased to hear that we took a video camera along too. Without further ado, here's the first officially-sanctioned video of the MB-1 in action anywhere on the internet.