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Here's a reminder - the Absolution Tour DVD is released tomorrow in stores nationwide.

Featuring on the DVD is the following:

Glastonbury set (2004) (excluding SS and CE)
Earls Court (20th) - SS and TSP
Fury (USA)
The Groove in The States (same as that on the B&H DVD)
TOADA and Endlessly at Wembley (hidden) (2003) - Press "skip track" whilst watching Blackout @ Glastonbury

Ive had a watch of the DVD, and think you will all enjoy it - so go and buy it! Personally I didnt find it too special, purely because I've seen the Glastonbury set to death, although the extras were very cool and the Webmley footage was nice to see! Just a warning though, it's no Hullabaloo (no documentary), so don't set your expectations too high!