Hysteria News

It seems as though BBcode doesnt work anymore, but, hey, anyway... this was posted on these messages were posted on the muse forum earlier today.

Hey there,

Hope you're all well. Touring around England has so far been real cool. Last night in Cardiff really rocked, Manchester was massively mind blowingly and Wembley was just too special for words. Nice one for making them happen to those who've been to see the shows. We've now got the the new Hysteria video up in the media section, which of course you can also find in a variety of formats on the html section of the site. Also specially for you there's a compilation of live Hysteria moments from the European Tour going up in the footage section very this moment in time.

Hope you like. take care, tom


Another massive track from the Muse stable which is further evidence that
their place at the head of the British rock queue is well and truly