How Fanatical Are Muse Fans

Over the past few years, Muse fans have developed a reputation for being amongst the most dedicated and loyal supporters of any band.

Just some of your antics have included creating homemade DVDs, organising massive fund raising sing-a-long events, inventing some really odd slash-fiction and, lest we forget, a liberal dose of vote rigging (sorry NME, Kerrang!, Q & Co!). The influx of traffic generated by their tours demonstrates your love for their incredible live shows - every gig they play sparks a heated debate on the forums - will they play a new song, what colour shoes will Matt be wearing? Will there be Citizen Erased?! These are important questions for sure, but are we a unique breed?

Do we take things too far? We've had national DJs complaining about us on air, XFM removing Muse fan votes from their polls and, after a quick root around in the forums, well... I'll let your imagination flourish. I've always been curious as to what drives our motivation for Muse, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic. And yes, can you tell it's a slow news week?