Hotlinking - Bandwidth exceeded

You may have noticed that several of the downloads are not working, this is due to people hotlinking (posting direct links to my downloads).

As stated at the bottom of the page,

Everything on this site is property of Tom Wilson. Bootlegs distributed with permission from management. Any hotlinking or theft of material on this site without credit will result in a letter to your ISP. Have a nice day :) - Moles Rock - Get Lost Lewis.

The following sites are to blame for the download problems: (hotlinking to sing for absolution video) - 1,000 requests - 6,100 requests - 39 requests - 120 requests - 79 requests - 137 requests

And 30 other unique URL's linking to it, totalling another 300 requests.

These sites are to blame for the downloads not working on my site. We are looking for ways to bring the host back up, please help us, donations would be great ;)

The download was also listed on, " Popdex crawls over 14,000 sites daily to determine the most popular links on the Internet." - See, the demand was extremely high