Hosting Prices Increase

We have been getting quite a few new bootlegs recently, including Rock Am Ring 2004, Super Bock Super Rock Festival 2004 and Pink Pop 2004, with Glastonbury 2004 to come very shortly.

We are running out of space and bandwidth quickly - although we are just about managing at the moment, we are looking at upgrading the hosting again so we can start offering more videos and rarer bootlegs.

As you can see we've taken the adverts of the site as they were playing around with people's browsers, so our source of income has now disappeared, and funding the site is becoming difficult.

* * * If you would like to help us out, please send a PAYPAL donation to * * * - We will tell you EXACTLY what your money has been spent on.

We would really appreciate this, thanks :)

Upcoming Bootlegs (preconfirmed):
Glastonbury 2004
T In The Park 2004
V Festival 2004
Werchter 2004

And More...