Hi-Fi Bar Review - 27th January

Muse fans are fanatical. Some waiting as earlier as 5 o'clock for a gig that officially starts at 8 o'clock. No doubt as the minute hand ticked ever so closer to the time the doors opened, the line grew and grew. Reaching almost Collins St, Muse fans know how to keep themselves occupied while waiting in line. Many wore official Muse t-shirts, while others amused others with their original and creative home-made items. A medium contingent of die-hard Muse fans who didn't score themselves a ticket held signs begging for a spare ticket. With the suggested offers of "services", to the trading of Radiohead tickets, to even dolling up to look like Matt Bellamy garner support from a sympathetic crowd. But, none were willing to part with their precious ticket. Several elderly couples were besides themselves when queried who the line was waiting for. "MUSE!" screamed an overenthusiastic fan, near the very front of the line. This is what we all have been waiting for over four years. The wait was nearly over.

Thanks to Reuben for this great review. You can read the full article, here