Help Muselive Grow - Indiegogo LIVE

We have some exciting news for you today (well, it is for us at least :)) - we've just launched our first Indiegogo campaign! If you're not familiar with Indiegogo, it's a great platform that helps entrepreneurs, inventors and content producers raise capital to help them bring projects through to fruition.

You've probably noticed that Muselive has been a bit rocky recently. Our news posts haven't been as frequent as we'd like, we've had far too much downtime and things have generally become a bit less lively.

We'd love to change that! This is where you come in. We have some fantastic projects lined up that we hope will change Muselive for the better. If you'd like to read more (and we really hope you do!), head over to our Indiegogo page, here, and select one of the perks.

Please let us know if you have any questions by posting in the comments - we'll answer everything we can!

Lots of love,
Tom, Lewis and Andrew xx