Happy Birthday OMIGOD1 Lewis

Hip Hip - Hooray!
Hip Hip - Hooray!
Hip Hip - Hooray!

There we go, that gets (most of) the cheese out the way. Our esteemed friend, admin and more importantly, lover, turned 18 today and is now allowed to drink heavily and experience hangovers, like the rest of us "mature" adults - what a lucky lad you are - oh, yesh you are! awwwwww squeezes cheeks

Lewis has been working with us since the creation of muselive.com over 2 years ago now and has been responsible for making (and breaking, like most of us - well, just me... shh) many special features, including our newest feature, Paid Accounts <-- Shameless Plug

Send him your appreciation by either

a) PM-ing him
b) E-mailing him email
c) Buying him a yacht
d) Sending him lots of groupie lovin' (Tom also needs lovin' - no particular reason necessary) vibes or
e) buying a Muselive.com T-shirt for yourself - cough

On a more serious note, we do appreciate all the hard work you put into the site, and hope you have an awesome day, being 18. Half way to 36 - SUCKER!