HAARP Voted Greatest Wembley Event

Selling over 10m albums worldwide and critically acclaimed as one of the best live music acts ever, Muse’s 2007 H.A.A.R.P. tour has been crowned Wembley’s Greatest Event (1923 – 2010) as part of an online vote, which saw over 55,000 fans re-live their favourite moments from the stadium's 88 year history at wembleystadium.com.

Facing heavyweight competition from the likes of the late Henry Cooper, Muse secured victory over Live Aid, England’s historic 1966 World Cup victory, Foo Fighters, the 1994 Rugby Challenge Cup Final, Queen’s 1986 Magic tour and the Michael Jackson Bad Tour. Wembley Stadium has been the setting for so many great events, not forgetting last month’s FA Cup Final and Champions League finale. Now Muse’s Greatest Event victory will be marked with a permanent installation at Wembley Stadium which sport and music fans can enjoy for many years to come.

Muse said: “We were honoured to be the first band to play at the new Wembley and now for our performance to have been chosen as the greatest is an amazing accolade, especially when you consider the sporting and music legends we were up against. We'll be back at Wembley again in the future and would like to thank all our fans for voting!"

Melvin Benn Chairman of Wembley Stadium, said: “Some of the greatest events over the last 50 years have taken place at Wembley Stadium. Now the Greatest Event campaign has allowed fans to look back and remember some of the most memorable moments of the past and celebrate them alongside some of our more recent moments in sport and music entertainment.

Whilst all Wembley’s events have been special, Muse are very deserving winners for their 2007 Wembley concerts which were nothing short of spectacular. For me it is fitting that a band widely acknowledged for being one of the best live acts in the world has now been recognised for putting on the Greatest Event at Wembley Stadium, one of the best live entertainment venues in the world.”

Wembley Greatest Event top 5 (1923 – 2010)

1. 2007 Muse (H.A.A.R.P Tour)

2. 1988 Michael Jackson (Bad Tour)

3. 1986 Queen Live at Wembley)

4. 2009 Take That (Circus Tour)

5. 1966 World Cup – England v Germany