Great Interview - Kerrang

Thanks to he* from for transcribing this:

Having been friends for 10 years, the three members of Muse know one another inside out.
Or they thought they did until they faced our latest fiendish interrogation technique...

MUSE’S collective bottom is sunk into low comfy upholstery, as they sip coffees and order food at Bartok, a stylish and mood-lit watering hole on Camden’s Chalk Farm Road which was graciously opened especially for the occassion.
Back in blighty after a short touring stint in the US, a passer by glancing inside on this bright but brisk November afternoon would hardly suspect by their demeanour, that Messrs Bellamy, Wolstenholme and Howard were soon to play the biggest headline shows of their career at London’s 20,000-capacity Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre.
Before lunch arrives, though, the three settle for the task at hand, which is asking each other some fiendish questions.
These questions may have been carefully crafted by a top psychologist and designed to skilfully unravel the very hearts and souls of Matt, Dom and Chris. Or then again, they may have been bashed out in haste at the last minute by this very magazine.
Dom and Chris remain relaxed, yet Matt is suddenly chonping at the bit and has to be verbally restrained from dipping into his ’glass of truth’.
"Who wrote these questions?" Matt demands. "Ah, who cares ." He finally shrugs, before any answers are offered. "Who’s first?"
It’s you sir.