General Update

Right, ive got 81 unopened PMs in my inbox asking for the password to download the DES video.

Because im too lazy to reply to each one im going to put the user:pass here. You must be aware though that we have to be very careful bandwidth. Would like to say thanks for our host for temporarily loaning us some extra bandwidth as we exceeded our monthly allowance of 100gb within one week.

Next month we will be purchasing 300gb of premium bandwidth for the site. As you can imagine this will be pretty expensive. All we ask in return is that you click the banner at the top of this site ONCE a day - or whenever u see something which takes your fancy. If you dont want to do that we also accept donations - please contact me by PM if you are interested in donating (username - admin)

Thanks to all those who have supported us :)

Please do NOT post this information on other websites.

User: muselive
Password: holycrap