Gearing Up For This Weekends LA Rising

Arguably one of the most anticipated concerts of the year takes place this Saturday at the LA Coliseum! With a lineup of Rage Against the Machine, Muse, Rise Against, and more, how can you not look forward to LA Rising?

The Kevin & Bean show had the pleasure of chatting with Dom Howard from Muse about the upcoming show here in LA, and the other huge gigs they’ve been playing worldwide.

Being such an international success, you would think that Muse would only do headlining gigs. Then there’s a band like U2 that takes them on as an opener in South America. Dom joked that it was just to steal their fans. In all honesty though, they’d only played South America once before. Being such a big band, you’d think they’d have toured there extensively already.

For as much as so many of us like Muse, and are always so thrilled to hear new material, it seems like forever since we’ve heard something new, but Dom feels like they’ve been non-stop for about the last ten years. Looking back, they pretty much have! Do these guys ever take time off? Granted, Matt Bellamy recently took a breather to welcome the birth of his son (Bingham “Bing” Hawn Bellamy) with fiance, Kate Hudson.

We last saw Muse in Los Angeles back in September at the Staples Center, where there were minor technically difficulties as the show opened. These can be blamed on Kevin’s attendance. The big hangings that concealed the band until they started playing were supposed to fall to open the show. Bassist, Chris Wolstenholme’s didn’t. Stuff always seems to go wrong at big concerts when our own Kevin Ryder is there. Maybe we should just ban him from LA Rising. We can’t risk perfection at that show now, can we?

Muse got involved with LA Rising simply because Rage Against the Machine asked them. That’s simple enough. Rage says jump and you say “how high?” Now all of us, including Dom are hoping for new RATM music as a part of their set.

Another odd thing mentioned lately by Muse was that Matt wanted to record in space. Dom responded to that by confirming that it would be a really cool feat. They’ve “kind of approached [Richard] Branson” (know for his Virgin Group of companies, including Virgin Atlantic airlines) about the possibilities. As soon as they see that it’s all tested, safe and cool, they’d love to try to play or record in space. He’s not sure playing the drums up there would be physically possible, but you never know til you try, right?

When can we expect new music from Muse? They plan on properly recording in the Fall, and get the next album out sometime next year. If the meantime, catch them at LA Rising this weekend, or out in Chicago at Lollapalooza the following week.