Fundraising New Hard-Drive and RAM

With the coming of the new album, we're anticipating lots of media uploads to SYS and the bootlegs section, as well as an influx of new traffic (to all the Muse fansites).

To help this go smoothly, we're hoping to purchase a new hard drive (80GB) (as our current one is almost full (80GB)) and a new chunk of RAM (512MB) (our server is already starting to show signs of ageing and strain).

Ideally we'd also like to increase our bandwidth output (NOT limit!) by 10 times (ie. your downloads could theoretically go 10 times as fast, but this does not mean we can dish out more than we could previously - it's merely a convenience thing!)

Our server is currently managed by a company called Servstra who are always great at fixing any problems we have.

To pay for these upgrades we would need:

80GB Hard Drive - $150
512MB RAM - $125
100Mbps Port - $15 per month.

This amounts to a one-time payment of $275 and a monthly fee of an extra $15.

Unfortunately Muselive is completely non-profit and the current bills are coming out of my own pocket. It would be great if anyone could contribute towards this! We'll put your name up on the site as a thank you - every little helps!

If you feel like helping, please paypal me at t_wilson[at]

Roll on the new album!