French Interview Translation

Discussion In London
Rumour spoke of the 18th May, it will be the 3rd July. With Muse in the full swing of the album release, ROCKMAG meets the trio in their London studios and uncovers 6 world première tracks.

London, 3rd March. A taxi takes me to the west of the city, a stone’s throw away from Earl’s Court, to the Townhouse studios where Muse have decamped. In the middle of mixing, the group receives us in order to treat us to 6 fresh new titles. Having hardly got out of the taxi, I’m sat down in a living room, the crucial info: the album will be released on the 3rd July, and the as-yet-unknown single, the 19th June, its artwork and title will be chosen after the mixing, even if some ideas are still pie in the sky. What is certain, is that the extracts offered to us here in advance will feature on the album.

The interview which follows comprises three sessions of twenty minutes, with Chris Wolstenholme first, then Dominic Howard, and finally Matthew Bellamy, who is rather worn out after firemen arrived at his place at 0400 to deal with a torrent of water that was flooding the ground floor restaurant. After the experiences of Origin of Symmetry, recorded on the go, and of Absolution, more fiddly because it matured longer, the group has taken its time for the fourth album. Amongst Provençal vineyards and bats that haunted the studio by night, the sessions at Miraval allowed them to develop their initial ideas. The trio went over things, drank wine and… swatted hornets with badminton rackets. After a month, the urge to radically change their surroundings was felt, as Dom explains, ‘In the end, our conversations at the table were all about the end of the world and post-apocalyptic survival, it wasn’t very healthy.” Muse jetted off to New York, on the home ground of their producer, Rich Costey.

“My dad’s music, which I’d never listened to before last year, really influenced me.” – Matthew Bellamy