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Report this post | 26 Apr 2011 11:01 GMT | #2183478 |   | Split
Eminem, Muse, The Black Keys and more!

Looks pretty awesome, and great line up for a brand new festival!

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Going to this. Pretty excited.

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Report this post | 02 Aug 2011 17:40 GMT | #2223753 |   | Split
Seems like this could be live streamed:

Which would be awesome f it wasn't at 6 IN THE MORNING

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Report this post | 11 Aug 2011 22:32 GMT | #2227543 |   | Split
This was an awesome event, actually. Hotter than hell (as EVERY BAND I WENT TO SEE POINTED OUT), but that's Kansas in the summer for you. The vibe that it had was really kick ass, everybody was really laid back and relaxed and just didn't have any other cares, in fact at one point a random person came up to me and shook my hand and wished me well, which is how a music festival should be. Though almost everybody was high just being there as every few seconds I'd catch a nose full of that rather distinct smell, which isn't something I'm about to complain about.

Though I did almost get moshed to death when I was up front at Flogging Molly.. not too big of a surprise there though. Muse was as amazing as expected, it was my first time seeing them live and it was definitely a good first experience. Over the past couple of years I stopped keeping track of what their live set usually consisted of so I was rather disappointed that they didn't play Bliss or New Born or Butterflies and Hurricanes but they did play Citizen Erased and Nishe, which were both great. The first day of the festival Primus played and the guys were talking about it and Matt played (or tried to play) a Primus song (dunno which), which was cool, until he said he couldn't remember it anymore to which Dom replied "You'd need a 6-string bass". Had to leave during the encore unfortunately but it was a great day overall and as far as Muse gigs go it was a good one. Stockholm Syndrome in particular was absolutely electrifying, but then again it always is and I was a bit floaty..

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