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Still hoping for the miracle of Muse getting above The Offspring.. that would be great. Are there any plans of Musefans getting together in Portugal? Or maybe even fans from Holland?


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[eve] :
Survive Mexico! :
bell :

Muse have played in Mexico before. And let's face it South America isn't THAT FAR from Mexico. You have no idea how the Brazilian fans are feeling, so give us some credit.

Never meant that. Actually, seems that they are going to tour only Brazil according to my sources in there (journalists), so I might travel to there.

One of my best friends is waiting for me in Maringá in case that the tour gets confirmed.


first time Muse mentioned their intentions to come down here to South America, or Brazil whatever, was in 2005. it's been 3 years already and we got nothing.

Media issues? I don't think so, not anymore. Muse is always on tv here, on radios, magazines etc. The number of fans around the country has increased enormously since AGES.

We've got our reasons to feel upset and go all silly, and if we do so, it's only because we love and care about the band as much as everybody else, and we want to have the pleasure of watching our favourite band live as much as everybody else.

Just for the record, They were called to play Rock In Rio in Lisbon because, as far as i'm concerned, the fans asked them to play.
You have no idea what we [the fans] have already done in order to bring the band over. I can't even start telling you otherwise i'll sound retarded.

And i'm sure you stopped reading it after the first paragraph.

No no no... I read everything sweetie, hehe.

I coincide with your "feelings", because the same thing happened in Mexico. Matthew said that they were trying to coming since the Absolution Tour, but there were any registered record sales! And everyone I know has that album!

The Mexican fan base grew so much too (although is quite difficult to find them... hehe) and me and my mates are making a huge effort to have them back.

well that's exactly the same thing here. no registered record sales but that's because people buy it on the internet through international websites for it takes so long to get here. And on the contrary, lately, it hasnt been difficult, surprisingly enough, to find the fan base over...


But one thing I can't understand yet, even if it is a silly thing, is why the fans have to predispose like [eve] saying that kind of things? That even could be taken as an offence for your own country. And I'm not trying to be harsh or to tight, but I mean... sounds very stupid to me.
Why don't you just keep requesting the band to any promoter or to Warner itself? I'm doing that and I'm getting very positive feedback from them.

the only reason i said that is because I myself think it's stupid if you didn't notice. It was a fricking joke and if you didnt notice i was ridicularizing people that think that way (and i know the guys from muse dont ¬¬ ) which i have seen so often...but you know what? nevermind. i dont have to explain myself everytime i make a bad comment.

the fact that you had to mention a country's name was offensive. it was like you were trying to degrade some others like, we didn't deserve to watch muse live. regardless of the fact that it's a joke.

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