Forum Issues

Hi Everyone,

Sorry the site hasn't been online this afternoon, I had a bit of an accident. I accidentally deleted ALL forum topics! The most recent backup we had was 10days ago so all forum topics since then. All posts were saved but sadly the topic titles have been all been lost, this however doesn't have to be a problem.

RESTORED TOPIC TITLE UNKNOWN! is the title given to all topics I've recreated, if you can remember what the original title was post it and a moderator or admin will change it back again, alternatively if you are the creator of the topic you can edit this yourself by clicking the Edit button on your first post.

Sorry for the inconvienience, if we find any other backups we will change all the topic titles back ourselves.

On a positive note Share Your Stuff is nearly complete, shouldn't take me many more days to code. Jamie is nearly done with sorting the files as well :)