Finally Shiny New Merchandise

Direct Shop Link (for the lazies)

Hey guys! I'm sorry it's been so long since we last offered some of our lovely shirts to you for sale!

That era is now gone! Erase it from your memory if it is at all possible. I understand if you can't, but please... try. has teamed up with cg-uk to bring you some new designs (thanks to our in-house designer, Bast). THey are printed in fantastic multicolour on quality materials. We are offering you a shirt and t-shirt, with similar designs on. CG-UK accept payment by credit card, and I'm sure you may be able to work out alternatives with them if you ask nicely. They will also be responsible for delivery and packaging - huzzzah! We can continue our degrees!

Head on over NOW to grab your gear! 'When will the stock run out' I hear you cry? We just don't know.

Click here for the shop.

Your loving admin,

Tom x

P.S. I have a few hoodies left over from a few months ago. PM me if you would like to order one.