FakeDIY review TIRO

Found this on the fakediy site.

I really like this review :)

Whooooah. Back up there. Is this really Muse? Where's the pretention? The falsetto? The over the top primadonna operatics? Whats this "Yeah, yeah, yeah" thing? Isn't this the Rocky Horror Abba Show?

They're finally showing the promise that was evident from day one. 'Origin of Symmetry' looks decidedly average next to songs like this. Gone is the kitchen sink approach, 'Time is Running Out' is the sound of a band in their prime. Sordid electronica breaking into a tidal wave of guitars, tribal beats and mile high riffs sharper than razor blades. It's, without any doubt, the best thing Muse have ever released. Full stop.

Don't say we didnt warn you, Muse are about to become bigger than you ever thought possible. Someone get Dom a stylist.

Rating - 4.5 / 5

You'll like this if you like... funky basslines, catchy lyrics, and probably even if you hated Muse before now...

Stephen Ackroyd

There was also some larger artwork of the TIRO single. It's bigger and clearer than the one earlier :)