Exogenesis Part 4 Salvation

Muse will be releasing the final episode of their epic Exogenesis symphony on May 1st. Part IV will be named Salvation.

muse.mu :
As a thank you for the ongoing support, Muse have released a free preview of their next single. The long anticipated final part to the Exogenesis symphony. This single comes complete with a remix of Guiding Light by long time collaborator Rich Costey and the fan favourite Feeling Good from the universally acclaimed Autumn UK Tour. A Limited Edition CD version will be available May 1st exclusively from Muse.mu

1. Exogenesis Part 4 (Salvation)
2. Guiding Light (Costey Edit)
3. Feeling Good (Live from Sheffield)

Download HERE.

ML Update: Those who download the single before midday will get an extra track as part of their free download!